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2024 Program for General Meetings

Jan 9

AGMAnnual General Meeting 

Including election of officers, as well as presentation of service and flower show awards, this meeting is a great opportunity to discover the breadth and depth of our all-volunteer organization.

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Feb 6

Kevin KavanaghThe Growing Importance of Gardening for Nature

Kevin Kavanagh

Natural habitats in southern Ontario have suffered a dramatic reduction in both area and quality. With the added stresses from a rapidly changing climate, the importance of maintaining native plants... 

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Mar 5

Stephanie RoseThe Regenerative Garden

Stephanie Rose      

This evening's speaker is adamant that a regenerative garden is so much more than a sustainable garden, and also more than resilient. Which is why she will endeavor to convince us how and why...

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Apr 2

Sean James

Simply Shrubs 

Sean James

Focusing on Native Plants and cultivars of Native Plants (Nativars), Sean will share some of his top shrub picks for a variety of garden types, including rain gardens, shade gardens and sun gardens...

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May 7

Marion JarvieVertical Plants for Drama and Artistic Looks

Marion Jarvie      

Varying the height of woodies and perennials can provide key dramatic elements in the garden and enable the development of layers of plants.  This design principle gives richness and depth to...

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Jun 4

Transforming Landscapes in a Changing Climate

Cathy Kavassalis      

From where in the world do your plants originate? What are the impacts of your plant choices? By introducing non-native plants to the land in our care, we are changing the biological diversity...

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Jul 2

Julia DimakosTea Gardening for Beginners

Julia Dimakos

This is a MUS presentation for anyone interested in growing and harvesting plants for teas. Julia will discuss how to grow a tea garden, the tools needed, garden types and the number of plants...

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Aug 6

Cactus at Whistling Gardens, photo by S BienschWinter Hardy Cactus Garden

Sharon and John Bowler

Many presume that Cactus only grow in hot, dry envrionments; few presume Canada to be a host for cactus particularly those areas with cold, wet winters and humid summers. Today, Sharon and ...

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Sep 3

Jeff Mason30 Years on a Sand Dune

Jeff Mason      

Jeff will ask us to imagine the excitement of moving to the property that will become a dream garden, putting that first shovel in the ground, and discovering you have just moved on to a...

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Oct 1

Marion JarvieHellebores - Four Seasons of Beauty     

Marion Jarvie

Hellebores go a long way toward shortening the winters of avid gardeners and providing year-round appeal! Marion will cover all aspects of growing Hellebores in this very thorough and informative...

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Nov 5

Jennifer DoubtConquering Moss-trophobia: A Supervised Encounter with Mosses and Some of their Closest Counsins

Jennifer Doubt

In the plant world, mosses are the "strong, sensitive" types. They cover enormous areas, and are tough enough to grow without soil or roots, or to survive long droughts and winters (heck, even glaciation)...

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Dec 3

Christmas Mouse Poinsettia photo by S BienschHoliday Celebration

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